Best Biotechnology Product Awards 2015

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The European Biotechnology Congress is being held by European Biotechnology Thematic Netwerk Association in the past three years and this year European Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) will be honored with Best Biotechnology Product Award.

European Biotechnology Congress Best Biotechnology Product Award Criteria:

  1. The call is open to companies qualifying as an SME under the standard EU SME definition.
  2. The candidate company should be based in one of the European member or associated countries.
  3. The product should be in the area of red or green biotechnology.
  4. The innovative product must solve or tackle an important problem in human health (red biotechnology), agriculture or the environment (green biotechnology).
  5. The product should be approved for marketing by relevant bodies of the European member or associated countries.
  6. The eligible product should be patented in an EU member or associated countries and have been commercialized in the last two years. 
The winning product and company will obtain the following privileges:

  • Free stand and satellite meeting at The European Biotechnology Congress 2015.
  • Collaboration opportunity with the European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association (EBTNA) in EU projects.
  • Announcement of the award and the advertisement of the winning product on EBTNA and Congress web pages.
  • EBTNA Award Certificate for Best Biotechnology Product Award.

The application deadline is April 6, 2015.

Candidates are expected to submit details including:

  1. A brief, non-technical description of the product including the following information:
         * Which problems can the product help to solve?
         * How does the product work?
         * Details of product novelty
         * Details of product applications
         * Advantages over similar previous products (if not completely novel)
  2. A technical dossier
  3. Information about the marketing of the product
  4.      * Is it already on the market?
         * If so, in which countries?
         * Does the submitting company have data on consumers' acceptance?
* Panel decisions will be announced during the European Biotechnology Congress, 7 - 9 May in Bucharest, Romania.

Award Committee

Prof. Colette Creusy
Prof. Kevan Gartland
Prof. Hilal Ozdag
Prof. Oscar Vicente

2014 Best Biotechnology Product Award Winner
2013 Best Biotechnology Product Award Winner