Michel Salzet

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Michel Salzet
University of Lille, France

Pr. Michel Salzet Distinguished Professor
25/10/1965, 48 years old Maried, 2 childrenLaboratoire Proteomique, Réponse Inflammatoire, Spectrométrie de masse (PRISM) - EA 4550, Université Lille 1

I-Carrier Synthesis
Scientific Titles

1998-2003 Member of the Institut Universitaire de France Junior, then Honorary position
1998-2000 Senior Scientist at the Mind Body Institute of Harvard Medical School, USA
31/05/1995 Habilitation for directing research in Natural Sciences, University Lille 1
3/02/1993 PhD in Life Science and Heath, University Lille 1

1993-1994 Post-doctoral fellows, Neurosciences Research Institute, Old Westbury, USA
1993 PhD Life Sciences and Health at the University of Lille
1991-1992 Pre-doctoral at Biopharm, Hendy, UK
1990 National Service, Aspirant, Medal of National Defense
1989 Master degree Science of Life and Health, University of Lille 1, Honors

Current Situation
2009 Distinguished Professor University of Lille 1, Honorar Junior Member of Institut Universitaire de France
1998-Present Laboratory director
2010-2013 President of the French Society for Mass Spectrometry

2009 Distinguish Professor (PRCE1)
2002 Full Professor Class I (PR1)
1997 Full Professor Classe II (PR2)
1995 Associate Professor, University Lille 1

II-National and International Knowledge
Awards & Medals

2008 Innovation Price INPI, Nord-Pas de Calais Council
2003 Great Price of Science of the Society of Sciences, Agriculture and Arts of Lille
1998 Intitut Universitaire de France Medal, Paris
1993 Wicart-Hagenstien Medal of the Society of Sciences, Agriculture and Arts of Lille

Scientific Assesment
200 Original publications and reviews (H Factor: 45, 6636 citations, Google Scholar)
108 Conferences among which 58 on invitation in international conferences
1996-Present PEDR then Prime of Scientific Excellence since 1996
2010 Ranked among the 150 scientificof excellence (Classes 5 to 6) in Biology and Medecine
2007 Ranked among the 250 scientifics of excellence ranked A+ in Biology and Medecine

International Functions
2012-Present Member of the governing board of the European School of Neurosciences (EURON)
2011- Present Member of the Managing group for personalized medecine for European citizen (ESF)
2010-2016 Member of the interdisciplinary comitee for the FWO Vlaanderen, Belgium
2009-2012 Member of the Core Group of LESC, of LFUI from European Sciences Foundation
2012- Present Member of the Scientific Board of the FCI from FRSQ, Canada

International Expertises since 1996
International: 5th PRDC, LECMA-AFI-ISAO, Grants Pierre & Marie Curie, FWO, Portugal Sciences Foundation, Netherlands Genomics Initiative, Austrian Science Fund, National Science Centre, ARC, FNRS, ISF, IBSF, Marsden Found of Science, CRSNG, FRSQ, FCI, NIH, NIDA

National: French Ministry of Science (1998-2002, 2009), MAE (2009), National Committee of University (since 2000) and medical Research Foundation since 2003, AERES (2008), ANR (2008-now)

Scientific Comitee of international conferences
2013 European Proteomic Congress, Saint Malo, October 2013
2013 7th International Symposium on Experimental and Clinical Neurobiology (June 23-27, Kosice, Slovak Republic)
1999 International Society of Comparative Immunology, St Andrews, June 30- July 4, 2003
1999 International Symposium on Advances in Neuroimmunology, Shangaï, 14-18 May, 1999
1997 International Symposium on Advances in Neuroimmunology, Pekin, 14-18 May, 1997

International Conferences Organisation
2010 Workshop ESF, MNHN, Paris, March 15, 2010
2004 International Congress on leech Neurosciences, Lille, 25-30 septembre 2004
2001 Congress of Comparative Immunology, Lille, 10-15 septembre 2001

Summer School Organisation
1996-Present Neuroimmune Summer School for American students (undergraduates & graduates). Learning biochemical techniques for proteins analyses (2 months)

NIH-Fogarty Grant (obtained in 1996 and renewed in en 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012)

Invited Seminars in Foreign Universities
Vrije Univ Leuven (2001, 2009), Univ Leeds (2007), UCSD (2008), Univ. Miami (2008), Univ Gottinghen (2009), Univ. Amsterdam (2010), Sherbrooke Univ (2010), Unv. Liege (2010), Univ Barcelone (2011), Univ. Namur (2012), Univ. Kosice (2012)

Research Contrats since 1996
Co-PI with Pr G.B. Stefano of NIH-Fogarty grant since 1996 (480k€) and a NIDA grant (200k€).Co-PI with Pr. E. Macagno of a NSF grant (200k€), IRSC grant of 300k€, FRNTQ grant of 100k€, LIA-CNRS of 100 k€ and FRSQ invation grant of 4 millions € with Pr R. Day, 100k€ from ISAO grant with Pr Y.M Park. Total: 5380 k€

PI of 3 ANVAR, OSEO grants (total 325k€), FEDER grant (245 k€), RMNT project of 45 k€, ANR grant (380k€) and industrial contracts (IPSEN, GALDERMA, Bruker, Schimadzu, Thermofisher) 879k€, 3 BQR (70k€), 2 contrats with the CNRS (170k€) and EST sequencing project with Genoscope. Total: 2114 k€

Industrial Valorization & Property
2008 Co-funder of the Start-Up Imabiotech ( http://www.imabiotech.com )
2013 Creation of the Start-Up Hirudica
2013 Creation of a Service Platform in MS Imaging, CLIC-Imaging
1991-Present 15 International patents and 6 enveloppes Soleau

III-Scientific Animation
Laboratory Direction

2011-2012- Director of Lab. de Spectrométrie de Masse Biologie Fondamentale et Appliquée (FABMS) - EA 4550 convention between University Lille 1/Centre Oscar Lambret (25 permanents in 2011 then 45 members with 34 permanents in 2012 after clinicians integration)

2009-2011 Director of Laboratoire de Neuroimmunologie et Neurochimie Evolutives, FRE CNRS 3249 and the international associated laboratory CNRS/Universite de Sherbrooke (Pr R. Day)
2006-2009 Director of FRE-CNRS 2933, Lab. de Neurobiologie des Annélides (38 members)
2002-2006 Director of UMR-CNRS 8017, Lab. De Neuroimmunologie des Annélides (38 members)
1998-2002 Director of UPRESA-CNRS 8017, Lab. de Neuroimmunologie des Annélides (38 members)
1996-1998 Scientific member of Lab. de Neuroimmunologie des Annélides (20 permanents)

Other Function
2011-2012 Members of the INCA Board « PAIR Gynecology »
2009-2012 Scientific delegate at the Institute Ecology & Environment of the CNRS
2008-2012 Member of the Scientific Council of the MNHN Paris
1998-2003 Director of the Genopole program for the University of Lille 1
1999-2012 Member of the National Council of University (CNU) section 68
1999-2002 Director of the Doctoral School of Biology and Health of Lille
2009-2010 Expert for National Laboratory for Horse Control

Member of the Scientific
2013-2015 Honorar President of the French Society for Mass Spectrometry
2009-2012 President of the French Society of Mass Spectrometry